Alan O.W. Barnes

Alan O.W. Barnes is a storyteller from Damascus, Virginia who currently lives in Providence, RI with his wife Kim and their daughter Keira.

Alan has worked as a writer, graphic designer, and sequential artist since 1999 for a wide range of media including print, web, and film production.

A professional musician since 1992, Alan has worked with artists in a diverse range of styles and varying levels of notoriety, serving as a bassist, mandolinist, arranger, composer, audio engineer, and musical director.

In addition to graduating from the Atlanta Institute of Music where he attended on full scholarship while studying performance, Alan holds a BM and an MM from Belmont University in music composing and arranging, as well as an MFA in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Alan taught at the Atlanta Institute of Music for 8 years where he served as the head of the electric bass department, and while studying in Nashville, he held an adjunct faculty position at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music for 2 years. Alan then went on to teach audio and animation at the Art Institute of Atlanta for 8 years.

Currently, Alan is drawing the Marrow Man comic book, directing the music at Peacedale Congregational Church, and he teaches Graphic Design/Animation for Kirkland Community College online.


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