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Alan O.W. Barnes

I tell stories about monsters.

When I was a kid I loved the classic monster stories like those about Frankenstein and Dracula, or the mythological stories about Egyptian, Greek, and Roman monsters like the Minotaur and the Kraken. I also loved the stories about modern mythological monsters like the Teen Titan’s Cyborg (Wolfman and Perez’s take on Frankenstein) or Raven (based on a daughter of the devil archetype). Frank Miller’s Elektra held a special place in my heart because she was a woman who chose to become a monster.

I got interested in music and comics in high school, I’ve done work circling both topics for years including teaching at music and art schools. I’ve written, played, and recorded music for stage and screen. I’ve designed, drawn, photographed, and video recorded images, ads, and stories for a ton of clients.

In 2018 I got serious about making original content of my own. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to collaborations, but I’ve got a certain number of things I want to create that’ll never happen if I don’t get started.