This is a quick set of examples that I hope help you see and understand my range of abilities as a designer.

Book Covers

One of the first jobs I did as a professional designer out of Grad school was “Big in Japan”. It is a book about a rock band who fight Kaiju (giant Japanese monsters) in a huge cowboy root. In addition to the covers, I also drew about 25 interior illustrations per book and designed the Logo.

I recently redesigned the Logo for an updated edition. Big in Japan was written by a recovery minister. The monsters represent alcohol addiction.

However, I have a lot of experience designing other kinds of books, not just fun, action stuff. This is an instructional book I designed.

This is a workbook I designed for a therapist. I designed the logo for the book, but I did NOT design his logo (bottom left…I think it is a super problematic design)

This is a middle-grade book I designed a couple of years ago. The client says that when he shows at conventions, it gets a lot of attention.

And here are a few other jobs, including a romance novel, a kids’ book, and some other strange things.

I thought this may also help you understand where I’m coming from as a designer. This is a video of me explaining to a student how to redesign their materials. It starts with their work and ends with mine. You can watch me design a book cover based on the student concept in about a half hour.

In addition to my book cover designs, I have done a lot of church media, so I’m going to show some of that just to demonstrate that I understand that style.

Here are images from a Sunday school series.

Here are some examples of type design.

And here are some videos to show motion graphics work (if you are also looking for that)

Quick motion project to introduce a lesson series. This is 100% original (including score…did I mention I have a master’s degree in Music Composition from Belmont, and a masters degree in visual storytelling from SCAD?)
This was a motion project to advertise a role-playing game.
Social Spot to advertise a comic book painting course.
This is an animated intro to a video series about swimming pool safety and inspection. I fully animated it…all of the assets are original.
And finally, a video of live drawing.

I hope this helps you see what I can do. I know it was light on interior text design. I’ll dig up some examples to show that as well.