UMC Global Missions

I built several products for UMC Global Missions over the years.

One product was a series of info graphics. I made these using some information provided by the client, as well as some design concepts I brought to the table.

The client wanted a clean way to inform its constituents how they had spent the money they had received in donations. They also had a fairly strict brand standards guide, with very particular color schemes representing each part of their mission.

I presented the idea of creating a “3 circle” design, with the smallest circle representing the icon UMC had already developed for use with each mission idea., the largest circle containing a photo of that idea being deployed, and a third circle as an image of the world containing the specific infographic in question.

I had to play with the idea for a bit to design a stable format that would be easily recognized across social networks.

Here are my finished infographics: