Revisionist History

My first album of original music was Revisionist History.

I would describe it and my follow up, Gestures, as my “academic period”, where I was working to prove I could write and produce material worthy of academic approval.

That isn’t to say anything negative about the work. I honestly think there was some fun writing and arranging in there. However, this was the period when I began to learn something about myself as a creative. I learned that my “art” work is generally considered too commercial for the art crowd, and my “commercial” work is too artsy for the commercial crowd. This is true for pretty much everything I do.

That having been said, there are 2 long-form pieces on this album:

A Millenia in Alexandria, a 4-movement piece for Violin, Marimba, Bass, and Tabla accompanied by computer.

Destiny Manifest, the score for a 20-minute animated short film. The film was crafted before I knew anything about drawing, so it is not good, and I will not be showing it in my works, but I am proud of the score, and I learned a LOT making the story for screen. I’m especially proud of the movement called “Clorinda”.