Logo Design

Like many designers, I have created a multitude of logos for a variety of uses.


This was probably my simplest logo to date. I designed almost a dozen different options that were all more complex than this. Ultimately, AIMM wanted to be seen as a serious school. After looking at schools in the class they hoped to achieve, the decision was made to keep it simple.

Heinz Media

Heinz Media is a company specializing in communications. I wanted to create something that spoke to trust, partnership, inclusivity, as well as having something identifiably related to the initials of the company. The idea to develop partners shaking hands out of the initials came from researching a variety of letterform designs. The moving circle pattern is a reference to a religious structure important to the founder of the company.

Odd Sea Entertainment

Is a company I did some work for in the early 2010s. They are focused on creative entertainment products. The design thinking that went into this icon was simply to reference something odd related to water and storytelling.


This is a non profit specializing in access to information for special needs clientele.

I designed this key with some symbology. There are 4 teeth in the key because of the “4” in the name. The key is designed to look like a gear, representing the ability to work together. The metal texture was applied to make this icon more like the apple logo (the client cited wanting his icon to be “like apple, or the batman logo”). Purple was chosen because the client literally listed all other colors except for purple as colors he “…didn’t like”.