Crow Chronicles

Crow Chronicles is my YA graphic novel series that retells the story of the classic monsters if they were teenagers growing up in the Mississippi Delta.

All the books are told from the perspective of Caitlin Crow, my “witch” character. The first story is about a mummy animated by the Egyptian goddess, Bast.

I created the Crow Chronicles as an experiment. I wanted to learn more about traditional comic book storytelling in terms of black line art, so that it what I focused on for the first volume. In the second volume I want to explore grey tones (I begin exploring grey tones in the last few pages of volume one). Eventually, I hope to get to a “Dave McKean” level, where I draw differently in every scene based on the emotional needs of the story at that time. But I’m not there yet.

I’m making these stories 8.5X11, black and white, magazine size because I think that relates more to the horror comics of the 70s I’m using as a model. I hope I’m making something that feels a little like “Tomb of Dracula” by Wolfman and Colan, but also something that feels post-modern and relevant like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, but I think mostly I’m just trying to learn as I go.

Right now I think there will be 4 volumes in the series. The first was 60 pages. The second and third will definitely be 48 pages each, but I’m uncertain about that last volume.

Another influence that is picking up steam in my mind as I develop future stories is the work of Alberto Breccia. Specifically, Mort Cinder and the Eternaut have really challenged my ideas about line and shape, so I suspect we’ll see some of that before long.