Black Land 01

Today I’m drawing the second page of a story I’ve written called “Black Land”. It is my take on the Mummy archetype.

Last year I went to see the Mummy staring Tom Cruse. It was much less than what I’d hoped for. I walked out mumbling something to the effect of “I could do bette than than that”. Then I realized that I should prove it. So, I sat down to write this story.

The outline came quickly. The writing went slowly, but now it’s finished, and I’ve begun the drawing phase. When I have about 10% of the book finished, I’m going to send my pitch to a couple places, but if the people I want to pick it up don’t, I’ll self publish.

I’m learning a lot from the work. One of my big complaints against modern comics is that they try too hard to be movies, when they are actually books. I have found many potential readers put off by simply not being able to comprehend them. So, I’m trying to make my stories more like books by bringing back a certain amount of narration. I have found this to be only partially effective, and as I see the images come to life I’m finding I need more dialog to aid characterization. So, I’m struggling to find the balance.

I’ll update as I learn more.