Advent Mailer

I created a simple graphic/digital painting for a lecture series about love and being awestruck by its enormity.

To be honest, I felt it was a little hackneyed, but several people responded well to it.

This was the piece that was seen at UMC Global Missions, causing them to reach out to me about additional work.

My first big project with that organization was to make a 16-page book they mailed to their large donors.

In the creation of this book I created several additional illustrations as well as designing a graphic language for the text and photographic content.

Here are some of my additional illustrations.

And here are some images from the interior layouts.

My initial design was much more polished, but the committee at UMC Global re-wrote several of the blurbs, changed the photos they selected, and often changed their minds about design elements that contributed to a less cohesive product. I’m proud of my initial ideas for this this and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be connected to such an interesting project.