Veda Kavanah

The first book completed in 2021, Veda Kavanah is a series of short stories about Dr. Kavanah, a victorian scientist helping the police solve a series of brutal murders.

Crow Chronicles

The first book completed in 2021, Crow Chronicles is a comic book series that retells the story of the classic monsters if they were teenagers living in the Mississippi Delta.

Man Grooves

The first book completed in 2019, Man Grooves is an illustrated middle-grade novel series about a folk band of monsters who solve Scooby-Doo-style mysteries.

A Japanese Yokai in London

Oliva Olivetti is a member of the fictitious band, Vinyl Crush, and a character in the Big in Japan books by Timothy Price. This is an illustrated short story, available on Kindle. It also introduced a character of mine who will be seen in the upcoming illustrated short story series GateKeeper.