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I Need Thee


Every day I do a LOT of creative work. Most of it not very glamorous. This morning I built stems (pre-recorded parts for a Sunday morning worship service…mostly used to train volunteers, but sometimes used live if something goes wrong on stage)…I recently decided I should upload some of that stuff, just so it would be easier to explain what exactly I do…So here I am, right out of the shower, sight reading choral parts for the song “I Need Thee Every Hour”…you can see me scrolling through the chart as I read it down…and my cat is bored.

Public Enemy – Recording the Film Score

In 2014 I recorded this film score for the director who made “Daddy’s Little” (I won Best Film Score at the 2013 48 Hr Film competition for it). However, he didn’t like the score and ultimately what I had to turn in to make the director happy was work for which I was not proud.

This version worked really well!

His film looked like a 70s buddy cop thing (he thought it looked like an 80s show…so he wanted an 80s sound), and the whole thing was a play on the plight of the African Americans who are targeted by police, so I thought using some music that had been culturally appropriated by “whitey” was the best place to go artistically, but alas, these are the reasons I ultimately got out of composing for film directors. Movie guys generally don’t understand the artistry of sound.