This is a portfolio of Projects I have executed in order to help facilitate brand identity for a variety of clients.

UMC Global Missions.

One of my biggest clients of the last few years is UMC (United Methodist Church) Global Missions. I have developed many products for them including a series of infographics like the one of the left to educate their donors about the kind of work they do, and what they have accomplished.

Red Sea Rules

This was a single image created to promote a lecture series. The image is a composite of 5 photos as well as a great deal of digital painting.

The client requested an image to pair with his lecture series about surviving through adversity. He specifically requested an image that would appeal to an “unchurched male”.

I actually made several images for him and this was not the chosen piece. However, this one was the best! The one that was chosen was the safest.

This one is a great portfolio image because it utilizes an implied triangle between the hand, balloon, and sun. The sun wasn’t in the original photo, that is a simple radial gradient, and I digitally painted in most of the sea’s texture where it appears the sun’s light reflects off the waves. I had to study that in other images to figure out how to do it.

There is a strong upper left to lower right implied diagonal between the balloon and the sun, counter balanced with a lighter mid-image to lower left diagonal from the lightning strike.

More than anything, it is an eye-catching illustration. It is one I get asked about often when I present my portfolio to potential clients.


Like most designers, the request I most often receive is for Logo Design. The “Learn More” button below will take you to a page where I demonstrate many of the logos I’ve made, as well as the thinking that went into them.

Kaiju Vs Cancer

One of the many non-profits I have worked with is Kaiju Vs Cancer, led by Matthew Dennion. This image was designed to benefit a specific cancer patient with ties to the Kaiju (giant Japanese Monsters) community. It was put on a wide variety of shirts, clocks, mugs, etc.

The concept was to depict that patient’s creation battling popular characters within that community with the permission of the creators. The three writers I worked with who created these characters wanted the color palette to match the film “Ready Player One”. This was my solution to depicting the characters…it is always difficult to create a composition like this when some of the characters are wildly different sizes.

Unfortunately, that cancer patient lost his battle, and past away about 18 months after this image was completed.